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Welcome to AND ONE - the solo basketball court role-playing game!

AND ONE is a unique solo ruleset, allowing you to play a game of basketball all by yourself, with rpg-lite mechanics to track your progress on the sidelines. The Player's Handbook is available below.

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With just a ball and your phone at a local neighbourhood court, you'll be able to play an entire game by yourself, against yourself - and lead your fictional team to a heroic championship! Read more.

Solo RPG meets IRL Sport.

Inspired by every backyard game we made up as kids, this is the game you never knew you always wanted. Until now.

"Thank you for making this project, I can't think of anything more designed specifically for me." - Walter, OG KS Backer.

Available wherever good zines are sold.

Designed on a 🏀 court in 🇦🇺 by Marc Copes.